LLOYD MARTIN PLC is a Virginia professional limited liability company.  Lloyd A. Martin, II, is the firm's principal (and only)
    attorney.  Lloyd is admitted to practice before all state and federal courts in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

    Our practice is limited to real estate law and its related matters, such as contracts, title issues and forms of ownership,
    to matters involving trusts, estates, wills (including living wills and durable powers of attorney) and to small business
    services, such as corporation and limited liability company formation and business purchases and sales.  Initial
    consultations, generally not exceeding 30 minutes, are always without charge.

    Lloyd Martin has been practicing law in the Commonwealth of Virginia since his
    graduation from George Mason University School of Law in 1984, and following a 25+
    year career as a military and later civilian intelligence official within various agencies
    of the Department of Defense.

    Our firm has a wide range of experience in its areas of practice.  We have handled
    complicated and simple residential and commercial real estate cases. We have been
    representing clients in tax-deferred exchanges of real estate for nearly three
    decades, helping structure straight-forward one-for-one exchanges and complex multi-
    state and multi-party apportionment transactions.

    We have significant experience on both the borrower and lender side of  mortgage
    cases.  We have also represented several private lenders in the Northern Virginia
    area, providing them and their customers with loan closing packages tailored to meet
    their particular needs and desires.

    LLOYD MARTIN PLC has prepared several pages within this website which may be of
    interest to clients and prospective clients.  Click on any of the links to the right to read

    Readers should not attempt to solve legal problems based on information
    contained therein, it being of general interest only.  We invite you to link to any of
    those at any time.  Send your questions to lmartin@pwtitle.com.
[A Virginia Professional Limited Liability Company]
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